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Education :

Bachelor's of Fine Art : Animation
June 2020
Savannah College of Art & Design
Savannah, GA
Courses of Study Included:
Art Histories, Mythology, Short Story, Drawing for Sequential Art, Character/Creature Modeling for Zbrush, Motion Capture, Animating for Games

Work Experience :

August 2021 - Present
Third Pie Studios
   Gameplay Animator and Rigger

       - Created uniform rigs for characters and creatures
       - Worked within Unreal Engine to ensure animations flowed together smoothly and any retargeted animations were properly reproportioned to the new skeleton
       - Created many animations, both cyclical and linear, for villagers and animals
The Berkshire Family Restaurant
      - Served guests ensuring they had a wonderful experience
      - Trained new servers, and assisted other servers and hosts as needed
2020 - Present
Redner's Warehouse Market
- Bagged and checked out groceries for customers
- Trained new employees
- Helped in other departments around the store when needed
2014 - 2019

Software :

- Maya - Adobe After Effects - Photoshop - Illustrator - Zbrush -
- Vicon Shogun Live/Post - Motion Builder - Unreal Engine -

Film Work and Volunteer :

Ages of Cataria : Created by Third Pie Studios
- Gameplay animator and rigger
August 2021 - Present
August 2020
Valentine's Day : Directed by Laura Da Costa
- Producer, Animator, Modeler, and Storyboard Artist
Monkey Thief : Directed by Zachary Ates
- Animator, Modeler, and Storyboard Artist
May 2020


Available upon request
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